We’re nurturing the next generation of queer creatives and audience members through our work with lgbtq+QIA young people aged 16 – 25 years old.

在 Homotopia 的副艺术家 Ashleigh Owen 的带领下,Young Homotopia 在 Unity 剧院甚至在 Liverpool Pride 的主舞台上演出。 这是与 YPAS – GYRO 的合作项目。
Young Homotopia runs workshops, rehearsals and performances with a creative collective of young lgbtq+QIA people who are interested in self-expression through creativity and performance. Ashleigh Owen and a number of visiting practitioners, support and direct the performances and facilitate development workshops. The programme also builds a community and peer-support for like-minded young people.

From 24th – 29th July, Homotopia in collaboration with GYRO will be running a 6-day creative project for lgbtq+QIA+ folk aged 16-25. Workshops and rehearsals will run Monday – Friday at Lush Liverpool, ending with a performance at Unity Theatre on Friday 28th and a performance slot at LCR Pride on Saturday 29th. We encourage performers and creatives of all experiences to join us in making an engaging, thought-provoking, and entertaining piece of performance. We’ll be using cabaret, poetry, music, performance and whatever else you talented bunch bring to the table.

在我们的副艺术家 Ashleigh Owen 的带领下,夏季社交活动将以来访的艺术家和从业者为特色,以酷儿空间中的自我保健、心理健康、身份认同和激进主义为中心。

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  1. 利物浦泰坦尼克号酒店 (对同性恋友好)- 这家酒店坐落在一栋历史悠久的建筑内,提供宽敞的客房并享有海滨的壮丽景色。 检查可用性和价格: 缤客泰坦尼克酒店 利物浦
  2. 希望街酒店 (对同性恋友好)- 这家精品酒店坐落在迷人的乔治亚风格建筑内,提供优雅的客房和屋顶花园。 检查可用性和价格: 缤客希望街酒店
  3. 铂尔曼利物浦酒店 (对同性恋友好)- 这家现代酒店位于海滨,拥有时尚的客房和一流的设施。 检查可用性和价格: 铂尔曼利物浦酒店
  4. 利物浦马尔梅森酒店 (对同性恋友好)- 这家时尚的酒店位于改建的仓库内,提供独特的客房和时尚的氛围。 检查可用性和价格: 马尔马逊利物浦酒店
  5. 城堡街62号 (对同性恋友好)- 这家酒店在一栋历史悠久的建筑中提供豪华客房,将优雅与现代舒适融为一体。 检查可用性和价格: 62城堡街
  6. 里士满利物浦酒店 (仅限男士)- 这家对同性恋友好的酒店专供男士入住,提供舒适的住宿和友好的氛围。 检查可用性和价格: 里士满利物浦酒店
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