Stockholm Pride is the largest annual lgbtq+Q+ celebration in Scandinavia, taking place in Stockholm,  the vibrant capital city of Sweden. It is a week long festival that typically occurs during late July or early August, promoting awareness, acceptance, and respect for lgbtq+Q+ rights and culture. Although the event has been celebrated since 1998, the dates and activities can vary each year.

斯德哥尔摩骄傲节以色彩缤纷、充满活力的游行为主要活动,吸引了来自世界各地的数千名参与者和观众。 游行从城市的中央广场 Mariatorget 开始,然后穿过街道,最后在 Pride Park 举行的热闹庆祝活动中达到高潮,该活动之前曾在 Tantolunden 和 Östermalms IP 等地点举行。

整个星期,有大量的事件和活动可以参与,包括研讨会、工作坊、艺术展览、音乐会和派对。 这些活动迎合了广泛的兴趣和年龄段,强调了节日对包容性的承诺。

One of the key features of Stockholm Pride is Pride House, a cultural and educational hub that hosts numerous seminars and workshops on lgbtq+Q+ rights, politics, and history. Pride House serves as a platform for activists, politicians, and academics to engage in discussions and share knowledge.

该节日还提供各种适合家庭的活动,例如 Pride Park 的 Rainbow Kids 区,该区提供专门为儿童和家庭量身定制的活动和娱乐活动。

Stockholm Pride is not just about the lgbtq+Q+ community but also fosters collaboration and solidarity with other marginalized groups.  The festival highlights intersectionality and strives to create a safe and inclusive space for everyone, regardless of their background or identity.

为了支持节日及其使命,众多当地企业和国际赞助商为斯德哥尔摩骄傲做出了贡献。 无数帮助组织和运行各种活动的志愿者的奉献和辛勤工作也使该活动成为可能。


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