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Despite Jakarta’s rapid growth and an increasingly global outlook, a recent clamp down by police on the lgbtq+ community has resulted in the closure of many of the most tourist accessible venues.

星期天21st May 2017,警方突击搜查亚特兰蒂斯桑拿,拘留140男子进行讯问。 其中一些因涉嫌与色情制品有关的罪行而被捕。


lgbtq+I Rights Group, Arus Pelangi condemned the raid and dissemination of images saying that police action was illegal and inhumane. Read the statement here.

10月2017,警方在雅加达搜查并关闭了T1 Sauna。 当地人和外国人都被警察拘留。

Same-sex sexual activity is officially legal in Indonesia (the age of consent is 18), but there is no equality legislation for lgbtq+ citizens, no legal protection for same-sex couples and no discrimination protection. This reflects widely held traditional local customs and is unlikely to change anytime soon. Despite this, the lgbtq+ community in Indonesia has become increasingly visible and politically active.

印度尼西亚政府允许亚齐省和南苏门答腊省在2002引入伊斯兰教法,但仅适用于穆斯林居民。 这使得在这些省份成为同性恋犯罪行为......所以最好避免去那里。

Even in Jakarta, the official classification for all lgbtq+ communities is ‘mentally handicapped”. There have been some cases of discrimination and harassment, directed at transgender people in particular. There are no legal guidelines regarding HIV/AIDS and there is a possibility of being refused entry a visitor is considered to be HIV+ (i.e. travelling with meds).

On a more positive note, Lambda Indonesia is the oldest and most well-established gay and lesbian movement in SE Asia, and the many lgbtq+ groups now active throughout the country are able to provide HIV/AIDS counselling at least.

Since early 2016, public discourse and debates on lgbtq+ issues has intensified. A number of events organised by lgbtq+ activists have been disrupted by police.


同性恋印度尼西亚人在日常生活中面临着越来越多的挑战。 去Jakata的同性恋旅行者不应该遇到问题。 但是,应该避免公开展示同性伴侣之间的感情(例如在公共场合亲吻或牵手)。


随时了解雅加达的同性恋活动 |



  1. 法旺沙, Kebayoran Baru The Dharmawangsa 位于 Kebayoran Baru 区,是一家对同性恋友好的酒店,以其无可挑剔的服务和精致的氛围而闻名。 酒店拥有宽敞的客房、一个游泳池、多个餐饮场所和一个水疗中心。 检查可用性和价格: Booking.com链接
  2. 雅加达文华东方酒店, Thamrin 文华东方酒店位于雅加达商业区的中心地带,是一家以其优雅而闻名的同性恋友好型酒店。 酒店提供时尚的客房、水疗中心、室外游泳池和多个餐饮场所。 检查可用性和价格: Booking.com链接

  3. 印度尼西亚雅加达铂尔曼酒店, 坦林雅加达铂尔曼酒店位于坦林,是一家对同性恋友好的酒店,提供现代住宿和现代化设施。 客人可以享受舒适的客房、屋顶游泳池、健身中心和多个餐饮场所。 检查可用性和价格: Booking.com链接

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