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Boulder's Pridefest is a radiant celebration of love, acceptance, and unity, held annually in the heart of the city. This event, set against the backdrop of the stunning Flatirons, is a testament to Boulder's commitment to the lgbtq+Q+ community. Each year, residents and visitors alike gather to partake in a day filled with vibrant colors, infectious energy, and a spirit of togetherness.

节日以欢腾的游行拉开帷幕,参与者自豪地游行,展示各种各样的服装、花车和爱的信息。 游行结束后,中央公园变成了一个活动中心,有现场音乐、舞蹈表演,当地工匠出售独特的工艺品。

One of the standout features of Boulder's Pridefest is its emphasis on community outreach. The event hosts numerous informational booths, offering resources and support to lgbtq+Q+ individuals and allies. Workshops and discussions on various topics, from mental health to lgbtq+Q+ rights, provide attendees with valuable insights and a platform to share their experiences.

日落时分,余兴派对开始,当地酒吧和俱乐部举办特别活动,让庆祝活动继续进行。 博尔德的骄傲节不仅仅是庆祝活动; 它有力地提醒人们,这座城市致力于为所有人打造一个包容和包容的社区


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