Held annually in Cecil D. Andrus Park, the Boise Pride Festival is a vibrant celebration that brings together members of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender community, along with their friends, allies, and supporters. Scheduled for September 9-11, 2022, the festival is a testament to the unique spirit and culture of the lgbtq+Q+ community in Boise. The event is more than just a gathering; it's a mission-driven initiative that aims to plan and execute a diverse range of activities that resonate with the community's essence.

Boise Pride doesn't just stop at the festival. Throughout the year, they host various events, such as the "Taproom Takeover" at Payette Brewery, which is designed to highlight positive community lgbtq+Q awareness. This particular event, held on June 13, was in collaboration with the Boise Gay Men’s Chorus and the affiliated Boise Women’s Chorus. The choruses often focus on family-friendly events, aiming to bridge gaps and educate a broader audience about the lgbtq+Q+ community.


随时了解爱达荷州博伊西的活动 |




  1. 河谷酒店 (同性恋友好)Hotel Valley Ho 位于斯科茨代尔的中心地带,提供复古别致的氛围和现代化的设施。 享受宽敞的客房、令人放松的水疗中心和享有壮丽城市景观的屋顶游泳池。 检查可用性和价格: Booking.com链接
  2. 发现:RE Phoenix (欢迎同性恋)这家精品酒店融入了当地的艺术氛围,各处均饰有当代艺术品。 FOUND:RE Phoenix 拥有时尚的客房、室外游泳池和屋顶酒吧,是艺术爱好者和 LGBTQ+Q+ 旅行者的完美选择。 检查可用性和价格: Booking.com链接
  3. 克拉伦登酒店及水疗中心 (同性恋友好)The Clarendon Hotel and Spa 位于凤凰城市中心附近,融合了复古和现代设计。 在屋顶游泳池和酒吧放松身心,尽情享受水疗护理,并欣赏城市全景。 检查可用性和价格: Booking.com链接
  4. 凤凰城机场雅乐轩酒店 (同性恋友好)雅乐轩凤凰机场酒店位置便利,靠近凤凰城天港国际机场,提供拥有充满活力的装饰的现代住宿。 充分利用室外游泳池、健身中心,并方便前往凤凰城市中心。 检查可用性和价格: Booking.com链接
  5. 仙人掌斯科茨代尔 (同性恋友好)The Saguaro 位于斯科茨代尔附近,拥有充满活力和色彩缤纷的设计。 在室外游泳池放松身心,在酒店内的餐厅品尝墨西哥美食,并探索周边地区充满活力的夜生活。 检查可用性和价格: Booking.com链接


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